Service & Inspections


Even the best equipment can sometimes fail or cause trouble conditions. Our technicians are experienced at working on many different brands and models of equipment. You will speak to a live dispatcher who will schedule the most qualified technician according to your urgency. To provide the best possible service, we use GPS fleet tracking to know where our service trucks are at all times. Written Service Agreements can be customized to meet your particular requirements. These can range from “none” (time and material), to a complete all-inclusive agreement that covers all parts and labor. Contact us now for information or a quotation.



Life Safety systems require periodic inspections to be reliable and remain compliant with state codes. Electronic components can fail, valves can fail to operate, programming can become corrupted, and many other things, however minor, can cause a Life Safety System to fail to perform when needed most. For these reasons we take testing and inspections very seriously. Every effort is made to execute inspections as thoroughly as possible within the requirements of the code, using experienced and certified technicians. (We don’t use “laborers” for this job.) Omni Fire and Security will track when your inspections are due so you never become delinquent. Written documentation is provided for every inspection.

Required Inspection Services Include:

  • Annual and Semi-Annual Fire Alarm Tests
  • Biennial Smoke Detector Sensitivity Test


Most fire alarms and sprinklers are required to be remotely monitored by an approved UL monitoring service. Having Omni Fire and Security also provide this service in conjunction with your inspections creates one point of contact for any alarm issues. Contact us now for monitoring information and pricing.


  • Our alarm went of in the middle of the night and shut down our elevators. We contacted Omni fire and Security and with in an hour they were on site and had the issue resolved. They made my night with top notch service! They are our first call when we have a problem.

    Ali B / Marriott Atlanta

  • The fire Marshall stopped by and said we needed to have our fire alarm inspected. I had no idea what to do so I contacted Omni Fire and Security and the next morning I had it done with a report in my hand and they even sent one to the Fire Marshall for me. They handled everything for a great price and fast. We now use them exclusively.

    Alana Ogle / Mini Cooper of Kennesaw